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Messier-Roy is two passionate craftsmen (Jonathan Messier and Alexandre Béland-Roy) who put all their talents and creativity to design and handcraft loudspeakers that stand out both in terms of design and sound quality. Driven by a creative appetite, a desire for accomplishment and the love of music and the fidelity of its reproduction, we started this  human scale business that is Messier-Roy.

Alex travaillant
Jo travaillant

Our loudspeakers are meticulously handcrafted in Canada. They are made of high quality materials carefully selected.

Our experience in high-fidelity leads us to believe that sound reproduction with the least coloring is the best way to leave room for musical works while respecting their creators. That's why we pay close attention to every details, as each one helps produce a linear frequency response as well as revealing the intricacies of a recording.

Loudspeakers are an integral part of our decors, which is why we believe their aestheticism is an essential element. We therefore put a lot of effort into developing timeless designs that match any decor with an elegant and modern style.

If you want high quality, craftsman designed and built loudspeakers rather than a mass market one, our products are for you!

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