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Privacy Policy

Data exchanged automatically

Your privacy is of the utmost importance to Messier-Roy, which is responsible for this website.

The purpose of the confidentiality policy is to inform you of the practices adopted with regard to personal or confidential information which concerns you or your company.

When you access this website, data is exchanged automatically. This exchange is necessary for the operation of the site. The data exchanged is as follows:

  • identification of your internet service provider;

  • your IP address (numerical address that allows you to precisely locate a computer connected to the Internet, for example:;

  • the type of browser (eg: Firefox, Explorer) and operating system (eg: Windows, Mac OS) that you use;

  • the pages you visit;

  • the date and time you access these pages;

  • the address of the referring site, if you access this site from another website.


Most of the information transmitted automatically between computers does not reveal your identity. They are only collected due to technological requirements inherent in Internet browsing.

Messier-Roy ltée keeps this data for statistical purposes. They are used to count the number of visits and to know the most frequented pages, the technology used by the visitors, the addresses of the referring sites and the country of origin of the visitors.

Use of cookies

Cookies are used to facilitate navigation through the pages of this website. These cookies do not collect any personal information about you. You can configure your browser at any time to block cookies. However, this action may deprive you of certain functions offered on the site.

If you use a computer in a public place or share a computer with other users, be sure to erase the traces of your navigation stored in the history before ending each session.

Use of Google Analytics

Messier-Roy ltée uses Google Analytics on this site, a web audience measurement tool.

Using cookies, Google Analytics collects information about your browsing on this site, which is stored on servers located in the United States in particular. Google may disclose this information to third parties where required to do so by law or where such third parties process the data on its behalf.

The information collected by the tool is, for example, the pages you visit, the date, time, duration and frequency of your visits as well as the links on which you click. The type of operating system of your computer as well as the language thereof, the name of your Internet service provider and your geographical location (the region) are also part of the information collected. Your IP address is also collected, but it is anonymized (truncated) to ensure the confidentiality of information about you. The anonymization of an IP address makes it possible to prevent the identity of an Internet user from being known by means of it.

Google only uses the information collected to produce statistics and reports on navigation on this site, which allows us to improve the site. Google will in no case link the information collected on this site with any other data it keeps.

If you wish, you can prevent Google from recording information about your browsing by installing the  browser add-on for disabling Google Analytics on your computer.

Use of Visitor Analytics

Visitor analysis

Visitor Analytics is a simple website analytics service that measures traffic to our website and general details of website visitors. We collect statistics such as which pages visitors visit and when, approximately where they are, where they first land or if they come from a specific referral, to improve the visitor experience of our website.

As a website operator using Visitor Analytics, we process information about our visitors' device type and screen size/resolution, approximate location, browser, operating system, addresses IP, page visits, bounce rate, conversions, conversion funnels, average sessions per visitor, average pages per session, average session duration, time spent on site and content preference visited on site . All of this data is pseudonymized and Visitor Analytics will not use the data collected to identify individual users or to match the data with additional information about an individual user.

We do not use cookies to collect this data. Instead, we use so-called fingerprinting technology which does not require placing cookies, files or technology on your device. The fingerprint relies on the technical attributes of your device and combines them to identify your device as a unique device and enable reliable analyses.

Visitor records

Visitor Logging is an additional feature to Visitor Analytics (described above) in the form of a simple website replay tool that logs in statistics where visitors to our website have scrolled and what that they clicked on our website. We can see this information in readings and so-called “heat maps”. Collecting these statistics helps us to make our website more user-friendly and to reproduce and correct technical errors.

Basically, as a website operator using visitor logs, we use a tracking code snippet to collect data about our visitors' journey through our websites, the sub-pages they visit, what what they clicked, where they moved their mouse cursor and where they scrolled. All of this data is pseudonymized and Visitor Analytics will not use the data collected to identify individual users or to associate it with additional information about an individual user.

Personal and confidential information

Messier-Roy ltée uses the Wix Payments payment platform. This platform meets PCI Compliance. 

PCI DSS is the highest standard of information security for organizations accepting credit card payments. This standard ensures the privacy and confidentiality of the card data used to complete the online transaction.

PCI compliance helps create a secure environment by improving the quality of cardholder data to reduce the rate of credit card fraud. In addition, it ensures that the data for each payment is stored securely and tamper-proof.

Our customers' information is kept secure and will not be disclosed 

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