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Our goal when designing our loudspeakers is to achieve a realistic feel and tonal accuracy to provide easy and enjoyable listening even over long periods of time. Our approach is based on the elimination or reduction of all cabinet and port induced coloration, combined with an excellent selection of transducers. To do so, countless tests, measurements and analyzes were necessary, both objectively and subjectively.

It is by taking care of all the details that the full potential of the loudspeakers and enclosure is revealed.

Pièce de translamination

Top quality wood fiber panels

We use the best quality of wood fiber panels (MDF). Made in Canada , they have the greatest stability in the industry and are produced, without added formaldehyde, from 100% sustainable and recycled materials. 

Translaminated construction

Our loudspeakers are manufactured by translamination. This construction technique allows their very rigid arched shape , which contributes to the elimination of standing waves in addition to giving them an elegant design. The alternation of materials of different densities also reduces the propagation of vibrations through the cabinet.

translaminé collé sablé
mélange époxy

Specialty epoxy adhesives and sealants

Only locally produced specialty epoxy adhesives and sealants are used in the assembly of our cabinets. These are also fully sealed for optimal dimensional stability . 

Automotive paint

Our speakers are painted with a three-step automotive finish that provides durability and superior finish quality. We also offer the option of painting your speakers the color of your choice.

fini automobile

High-end transducers

Our transducers are selected among the best in the industry according to rigorous criteria. The models chosen all have excellent transient response and linearity, non-resonant character and low distortion . The best of each is exploited to give a natural reproduction.

Carefully designed filters

Only high quality components are used; PP metallized film capacitors, air core inductor, military grade resistors and 14 AWG oxygen free copper wires. Smart integration  of the components and the optimization of the phases between the different transducers, confers a linear response and an excellent dispersion . All filter components are point-to-point soldered and attached to a custom-made polycarbonate plate.

filtres - crossover

Felt lined ports

We have developed this simple but innovative technology which consists of lining the port with a thick natural wool felt. This allows a significant reduction in resonances and noise generated by air turbulence at the ends of the port. The clarity of the bass to the midrange is thus greatly improved . The soundstage is clearer and more defined and low frequencies are better controlled.

Heavy bases and supports

Our bases and supports are made of heavy gauge laser cut steel, coated with a textured black paint. They come with leveling feet with stainless steel locking caps. Their masses coupled to the enclosure significantly increase its inertia and provide a solid and stable base.

découpe laser
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