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Choose your color - Custom color

The ability to choose your color is one of the great advantages of purchasing Messier-Roy loudspeakers, but the vast choice can make selection difficult.


To simplify the process, we use colors that have been developed by car manufacturers. Just give us the name of the color and the manufacturer or its paint code. Most paints will be possible, but some colors or finishes may not be available. It is possible to obtain a paint sample for $100 +tax (shipping included) with the purchase of a pair of speakers. Contact us for more information.


Here are some examples of colors that might interest you and help you begin your research:


Indy Yellow Pearl – Acura

Solarbeam Yellow – Mercedes Benz

Pomelo Yellow Metallic – Volkswagen

Austin Gelb Metallic – BMW

Yellow Topaz Metallic – Honda

Acid Yellow Metallic – Hyundai

Electricbeam – Mercedes-Benz

Charlesite Yellow – Subaru

Kurkuma Yellow Metallic – Volkswagen

Sandstorm Yellow Metallic - Volkswgen


Plum Crazy Pearl – Dodge

Smoked Topaz Metallic – BMW

Burgundy Night Pearl – Honda

Deep Crimson – Tesla

Rubellite Red Metallic – Mercedes-Benz

Amethyst Metallic – Porsche

Purpurite Metallic – Porsche

Stryker Purple Pearl – Dodge

Pure Burgundy Metallic – Mini

Mahogany Metallic – Porsche


Jupiter Red – Mercedes Benz

Hot Pepper Red Metallic – Ford

Bronze Fire Metallic – Ford

Burgundy Velvet Metallic – Ford

Crimson Pearl – Honda

Redline Pearl – Chrysler

Pull Me Over Red – Chevrolet

Melbourne Red Metallic – BMW

Frozen Red Metallic – BMW

Rallye Red – Honda

Performance Red Pearl – Acura

Soul Red Crystal – Mazda

Spectral Racing Red Metallic – Range Rover

Designo Mystic Red Metallic – Mercedes-Benz

Storm Red Metallic – Mercedes-Benz

Designo Patagonia Red Metallic – Mercedes-Benz

Burgundy Red Metallic – Porsche

Matador Red Mica – Lexus

Misano Red Pearl – Audi


Ascari blue Metallic – Audi

Estoril Blue – BMW

Long Beach Blue – BMW

Hydro Blue Metallic – Jeep

Light Blue Metallic – Ford

Blue Streak Pearl – Chrysler

Surf Blue Pearl – Chrysler

Deep Impact Blue Metallic – Ford

San Marino Blue Metallic – BMW

Deep Blue Metallic – Tesla

Digital Blue Metallic – Mini

Caribbean Aqua Metallic – Mini

Marina Bay Blau Metallic – BMW

Lapisluxury Blue – Mini

Vortex Blue Pearl – Honda

Obsidian Blue Pearl – Honda

Steel Saphire Metallic – Honda

Morpho Blue Pearl – Honda

Skyride Blue Metallic – Honda

Morning Mist Blue – Honda

Eternal Blue Metallic – Mazda

Mystic Blue Pearl – Mercedes-Benz

Brilliant Blue Metallic – Mercedes-Benz

Miamiblau – Porsche

Quartz Blue Pearl – Subaru

Heritage Blue Metallic – Subaru

Harvard Blue Metallic – Volkswagen

Cosmos Blue Metallic – Audi

Apex Blue Pearl – Acura

Enzianblau Metallic – Porsche

Biskayablau Metallic – Porsche

Azurite Black Metallic– BMW


Irish Green – Porsche

Kyalami Green – Audi

Bohai Bay Mint Metallic – Ford

Radiant Green Metallic – Toyota

Nitro Yellow Green – Chrysler

Sublime Metallic – Chrysler

Stryker Green Pearl – Dodge

F8 Green Metallic – Dodge

Outrageous Green Metallic – Ford


Chestnut Bronze Metallic – BMW

Canyon Ridge Metallic – Ford

Copper Pearl – Chrysler

Hemi Orange Pearl – Dodge

Mango Tango Pearl – Jeep

Cinnamon Glaze Metallic – Ford

Orange Fury Metallic – Ford

Valencia Orange Metallic – BMW

Volcanic Orange – Mini

Sakhir Orange Metallic – BMW

Terra Brown Metallic – BMW

Sunset Orange Metallic – BMW

Almandine Brown Metallic – BMW

Orion Silver Metallic – BMW

Kalahari Beige Metallic – BMW

Jucaro Beige Metallic – BMW

Atlas Cedar Metallic – BMW

Frozen Bonze Metallic Matte – BMW

Mandarin Gold Metallic – Honda

Tiger Eye Pearl – Acura

Dolomite Brown Metallic – BMW

Aurum Metallic – Porsche

Palladium Metallic – Porsche

Ristretto Braun Metallic – Porsche

Copper Brown Metallic – Porsche

Drachenorange – Audi

Lava Orange – Porsche

Deep Auburn Pearl – Chrysler


Ionic Silver Metallic – BMW

Moonwalk Gray Metallic – Mini

Kallistograu Metallic – BMW

Black Diamond – Cadillac

Cyber Gray Metallic – Chevrolet

White Silver Metallic – Volkswagen

Mineral White Pearl – BMW

Cashmere Silver Metallic – BMW

Mineralgrau Metallic – BMW

Moonlight Silver Metallic – BMW

Melting Silver Metallic – Mini

Pearl Silver Metallic – BMW

Frozen Black Metallic Matte – BMW

White Metallic Matte – BMW

Bosforous Grey Metallic Matte – Land Rover

Nardograu – BMW

Platinum White Pearl – Honda

Iridium Silver Metallic – Mercedes-Benz

Selenite Grey Metallic – Mercedes-Benz

Carrara White Metallic – Porsche

GT Silver Metallic – Porsche

Meteor Grey Metallic – Porsche

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